Uniqueness represented in our complete array including Artificial Fancy Jewellery Set, White Cashew Nut, Ladies Brown Leather Handbag, etc.

About Us

Being special and distinguishing from others is the ultimate secret to leading a business in the presently competitive market climate and the differentiation of our company, Gajya International Private Limited stems from the diverse product collection we present. It was only in the recent year of 2020 that we founded ourselves as a supplier, trader, wholesaler and exporter of a unique range of products. Our collection includes products such as Fresh Turmeric Finger and Powder, Ladies Red Leather Handbag, Mens Round Neck T-Shirt, Artificial Fancy Jewellery Set, White Cashew Nut, Ladies Printed Suit, etc. Moreover, the excellent quality and inexpensive costing of our product line allows us to be extensively known by the customers and our goal is to retain our quality so that more customers choose us.

Future Plans

Even before our company started to run, our key goal was to build a series of future plans to help us move forward in our path of success. After analysing many variables such as our rivals, evolving market conditions, customer demands, etc., we have established our plans. Given are the key elements of our future plans:

  • To evaluate and get hold of the targeted customers using our advertising campaigns.
  • To keep maintaining the lowest price of our products relative to other firms.
  • To conform with the moral conduct of business when representing the clients.
  • To ensure the correct interpretation and execution of all the relevant customer specifications.
  • To guarantee that all customer orders are delivered on schedule.

Quality Management

Quality management is and has been the top priority in our business and we do whatever possible for it. We are tied up with some of the most prestigious and reputable vendors of the industry who give us high-quality items like Mens Round Neck T-Shirt, White Cashew Nut, Fresh Turmeric Finger and Powder, Artificial Fancy Jewellery Set, Ladies Red Leather Handbag and many more. Consequently, we ensure that we monitor our whole portfolio correctly, and only then approve to their distribution to the respected customers. We further guarantee that all the orders are packaged in good condition so that their shipping is free of defects. This way, we maintain the highest quality at any point in time.

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